Hyper Realistic Voice AI

For both individual and business!

- Reschedule flights
- Make reservations
- Handle bulk support queries


Use Cases

Tasks Managed In SECONDS

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Restaurant Reservations

Have the AI book a table at a restaurant for a specific date and time.

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Medical Appointments

Schedule healthcare appointments and confirm details conveniently.

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Flight Modifications

Request flight changes, like rescheduling or seat upgrades, through the AI.

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Hotel Room Booking

Use the AI to book a hotel room with your preferences in mind.


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Customer Support, Sales

Handles inbound inquiries, providing assistance or routing to agents when needed.

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Billing Reminders

Buzr AI automates payment reminders, ensuring timely payments.

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Appointment Scheduling

Buzr AI books appointments, enhancing scheduling efficiency.

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Survey & Feedback

Buzr AI helps your business easily collect feedback, aiding in overall improvements.


Customize Your AI

Optional Voice Cloning

Create AI-generated voice clones of yourself, allowing you to engage in conversations using your own unique voice

Generic Voice Libraries

Explore a library of generic voice models that suit various conversational scenarios, making your interactions versatile and engaging.

Even Use An Optional Celebrity Voice Selection

Choose from a roster of celebrity voices, enabling you to have lifelike conversations with your favorite stars as if they were right there with you.


Available Celebrity Voices


Personalization Options (BETA)


Options To Interact With Your AI

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No Technical Background Needed Even For Customization (Beta)

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Start experiencing celebrity conversations like never before with Buzr AI.

"I never thought I'd get to speak to my idol and save time. But Buzr AI made it happen, and the experience felt so real!"

Eric Denison

UI/UX Developer

"The conversation felt lifelike, and I could ask anything I wanted. The audio quality was just the icing on the cake."

Calvin Wilcox

Sr Artist

"I was skeptical at first, but Buzr AI's advanced algorithms totally blew me away. It's as if I was really talking to a real person"

Dixie Gordon

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